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The mailroom is the hub of many businesses. Ensuring correspondence is dealt with in a timely manner – whether that’s post coming in or going out – is what makes many organisations tick. And delays can be extremely costly. To make sure you stay on top of all things postal, here are three tips to keep your mailroom order.


1 - Set your watch. Unless you have dedicated mailroom staff on hand all day, it can be easy for your internal post distribution to fall down the priority list. Not only is this a pretty ineffective way of working, but it can also cause problems with external communication – staff may contact customers and clients with incorrect information about whether a certain document has been received, for example. That’s why it pays to set a strict time to do your internal mail distribution and collection runs – and make sure you stick to it. That way your staff can always rest assured that if they don’t have mail on their desks by a certain time, then it hasn’t arrived.


2 - Set up workstations. Even some of the most professional organisations on the planet have mailrooms that would send the organised folk among us into a tailspin. The fact is with so much stationery – envelopes, elastic bands, paperclips, pens – in constant use, it’s easy for the place to get a little chaotic. To help avoid this, set up dedicated work stations in your mailroom. One for folding and stuffing, one for sealing, one for banding and so on. This way, you only need to keep certain equipment in certain places and your mailroom stays clean and organised.


3 - Invest in the latest tech. There is plenty of technology that can help you run a tight ship in your mailroom. Along with digital mail systems, folder / inserter machines and barcode scanners, franking machines are perhaps the biggest time – and money! – savers in your mailroom. And the good news when it comes to much of this equipment, particularly franking machines, is that is doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can now lease the most technologically advanced franking machines with minimal upfront costs and low monthly payments. That way you can be sure your franking machine doesn’t slow you down, mischarge you postage or break the bank!


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