Have You Prepared Your Franked Mail Correctly ?

When using a franking machine it is important that you prepare your outgoing post correctly in order that it is franked at the correct price and desired service. This will ensure it reaches its destination on time.


The franking impression must be in blue ink. The changeover from red to blue was implemented a few years ago by the Royal Mail but some customers are still printing incorrectly. The franked impression must be at the top of your item positioned to the right hand side. It must be clear and readable so that the scanners at the Royal Mail can process the mail correctly.



Your outgoing post must be franked with the correct date showing on it also.  Remember that if required you can pre date your post but it must be posted on the day it is showing.  Always make sure that your franking machine is set to £0.00 before you start franking. If incorrect postage has been applied it can result in under or overpaying and a fee may be incurred.


Don’t forget that you can also have a return address to print on your envelopes and packages. This can be ordered through your franking machine supplier who will ensure it is Royal Mail compliant so that any undelivered mail can get returned back to you via your details. Another benefit of using a franking machine.


Your mail will always get to its destination quicker if you follow the above guidelines and take time to prepare your mail correctly.  You can read further information on franking your mail correctly on the Royal Mail website.


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