5 reasons to use a franking machine:

It’s a popular misconception that you need to be posting thousands of letters a week to make the most of franking machine. It’s simply not true. In fact, low volume franking machines exist for that reason – to give businesses all the benefits a franking machine even at low volume.


So, whether you send 1,000 letters a year or 500 letters a day, here are five reasons why you should be using a franking machine…


ONE: To save money! Franked mail is always cheaper than standard postage, and with Mailmark franking machines, postage is automatically updated so you know you’ll only ever pay the going rate. What’s more, franking machines print the exact cost of postage so you’ll never overpay simply because your stamps don’t add up to the precise amount.


TWO: To save time! Having a franking machine is like having your own mini post office. You’ll never need to queue for stamps again as you can add postage credit to your franking machine at the touch of a button.


THREE: To keep your mailing list clean, accurate and up to date! It’s easy to set your franking machine to automatically print a return address on all post allowing you to update your address records. Plus, with Mailmark franking machines you can track your post every step of the way, so you’ll know exactly why it didn’t reach its intended recipient.


FOUR: To stay in control! With a franking machine, it’s easy to stay in control of your postage. You can set a PIN so only authorised staff can use the machine, plus you’ll be able to see who posted what and how much it cost – allowing you to charge postage back to the relevant department if necessary.


FIVE: To promote your brand! Not only does franked mail look more professional, but it’s easy to set your franking machine to print short promotional messages on your post. Got a new product or latest deal that you want your customers to hear about? What better way to get it out there than to print it on every bit of post that leaves the building!


These are just some of the may reasons to use a franking machine. To find out more, call us today on 01474 815 850 or email sales@europeanpostalsystems.co.uk


Aug 4th 2017

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