5 facts about franking machines...

If you run a small business or work in a mailroom, the chances are you use a franking machine most days. However, while you may be an expert at operating franking machines, how much do you actually know about them?


Ever wondered who invented the franking machine? What the word franking means? How long we’ve been franking our post? Well, wonder no more! Here are five fascinating facts about franking machines….


ONE: The word “franking” comes from the word “Francus” - meaning free in Latin.


TWO: The first franking machine was designed and built in 1884 as a way to improve the security of mail.


THREE: The franking machine is a Norwegian invention, created by Engle Frankmussler who obtained a patent for a device that would print a stamp on an envelope and record the amount of postage by means of a counting device.


FOUR: The first commercial franking machines were sold in the UK in 1922.


FIVE: Early mechanical franking machines had to be taken to the post office and physically reset by a postal official.


And there you have it - everything you ever wanted to know about franking machines but were too afraid to ask. You’ll never look at your franking machine in the same way!


June 26th 2017

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