European Postal Systems Ltd is one of the approved suppliers and maintainers of franking machines. We are here to guide you through the different services supplied by the Royal Mail on your postal requirements whether it is a 1st Class letter, Airmail, Parcels or Special Delivery Services etc.


As a Royal Mail approved supplier we are here to advise and try to help companies on cost savings using a franking machine with the Royal Mail Services, the discounts you obtain would depend on how much mail you are sending.


Please remember the Royal Mail offer major discounts for customers using a franking machine and you can turn your office into your own post room. With this in mind a franking machine will give you immediate access to all services supplied by the Royal Mail and the convenience of using a franking machine in your office.



Take a little extra care over the preparation of your mail and we’ll reward you with a substantial discount. CleanMail® gives you a 10% saving on the regular postage price, whilst CleanMail® Plus gives you an extra 3% saving. It’s as simple as checking that your addresses are spelled correctly, that the post town matches the postcode and the postcode itself is complete and accurate.


  • Make savings by carrying out simple preparations.
  • Send at least 500 letters per posting.
  • Help and support to make the most of Cleanmail®.
  • Combine First and Second Class deliveries.
  • Discounts of 13% available.


What is Cleanmail®?

Cleanmail® is an efficient and cost effective way of preparing mail so that addresses can be read by Royal Mail’s sorting machines. And, because you save us time by helping us to sort automatically, you get a discount.

Is there a size limit for Cleanmail® items?


Is there a size limit for Cleanmail® items?

Items can be up to 240 x 165mm (C5) in size.


How does Cleanmail® work?

To use Cleanmail®, you must include address details following a particular format. You have two options: Either you print the address using Royal Mail approved OCR fonts, which can be read by our machines that then print a barcode for further sorting; Or you print a barcode yourself. The barcode contains a postcode and delivery point, enabling Royal Mail machines to sort mail to the last stage for delivery. We’ll give you A4 trays and wheeled containers for you to sort and separate items. We’ll collect the containers and completed posting cheques, then use the posting cheque information to calculate the net Cleanmail® cost to you.


What discounts can I get?

If you print addresses in Royal Mail approved fonts, you can save you over 8% on standard mail costs. If you also print barcodes, you can save you over 10% on standard mail costs.


What’s the minimum number of items I can send in a Cleanmail® mailing?

500 Items.


ls there a weight limit for Cleanmail® items?

Items can weigh up to 100g. There is one price up to 100g.


What are the size restrictions?


  • Envelope size: maximum C5 Plus (240mm x 165mm), minimum 140mm x 90mm.
  • Item weight: maximum 100g.
  • Item thickness: maximum 5mm, minimum 0.25mm.


What are the different options?

There are two speeds of delivery:


  • First Class Cleanmail® – aims to deliver the next working day.
  • Second Class Cleanmail® – aims to deliver within three working days of posting.


What are the minimum amounts?

A posting must consist of at least 1000 letters per mailing, per stream (Optical Character Recognition – OCR / Customer Bar Code – CBC) and per class (First / Second).

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