Looking For A Low Volume Franking Machine?

Not everyone requires a large automatic franking machine that can do anything and everything possible.  Some customers who still require a franking machine may only be doing a small amount of post, but will still make savings by using a franking machine.  Many customers running a small business working from home are now seeing the benefit of using a Mailmark compliant franking machine.


From 27th March 2017 these savings will change to 55p for a 1st Class Letter and 38p for a Second Class letter if you are using a Mailmark compliant franking machine.  A stamp for the same items would cost you 65p and 56p respectively.


Our popular low volume franking machine is the Pitney Bowes FM60. This model is Mailmark compliant giving the customer maximum savings.  With the ability to process up to 20 letters per minute, it can cover all worldwide postal services. It comes with an integrated 2.5Kg electronic postal scale as standard thereby eliminating any under or over paying of items. This particular model is small and compact and will not take up too much space in any small office.  Why not enquire today, the Pitney Bowes FM60 might be exactly what you’re looking for.


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March 6th, 2017

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