Have you discovered Mailmark franking yet?

The latest Royal Mail franking technology is a cut above traditional franking and affords businesses greater postage discounts and a more efficient postal system.


So, if you’re still using the traditional “crown and die” franking machine system, get with the system and upgrade - and you could be making the most of the following benefits…


Locked in pricing. Mailmark always offers the lowest postage prices – and because pricing updates are automatic, you can rest assured that you’ll never overpay.


Efficient franking. Not only can the latest Mailmark franking machines process large volumes of mail both quickly and accurately, but with automatic selection of Royal Mail products and services, your post will reach the mail bag faster than ever before.


Latest products and services. Mailmark customers get exclusive access to the latest Royal Mail products, services and upgrades – many of which will not be made available to traditional franking customers.


Mailmark is not just for large corporations, businesses of all sizes can benefit - whether you send 100 letters a year or 1,000 letters a day. So, switch to Mailmark franking today and start saving.


To find out more, give us a call on 01474 815 850 or email sales@europeanpostalsystems.co.uk


July 13th 2017

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