Have You Considered Leasing A Franking Machine ?

With the current climate as it is some business’s may find the outright purchase of a franking machine a little difficult. This is why we like to give the customer the choice of leasing their franking machine as well as the purchasing option.


The main advantage of leasing of course is that there is no big initial outlay for the customer but of course do remember that you have the added interest in the long term.  Another added benefit of leasing a franking machine with us is that at the end of the leasing term you may be able to take title of the equipment, whereby it becomes your property instead of having to give it back to the leasing company. Or alternatively upgrading to a different model at the end of the term.


For companies that haven’t been trading long we can offer our own in house leasing. It can be difficult for some new business’s to be cleared with outside leasing companies due to a short time of trading and who may not have the capital behind them to purchase. This is definitely an option to consider if you are in this situation. This means that the franking machine market is now open to not just the large corporate companies but to the person who is running their small business from home.


Should you wish to discuss leasing a franking machine with us please complete our contact form on the model you are interested in and one of our advisors will contact you immediately.


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February 2nd, 2017

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