Stamp down on costs – with franking machines!

Believe it or not, the Royal Mail doesn’t like businesses using stamps.


They are expensive to produce, expensive to distribute and not easy to track.

Given the choice, Royal Mail would like every business in the country to have a franking machine – and that’s why they offer favourable postage discounts on franked mail. These discounts have grown over the years, and this is a trend that’s only likely to continue.




Here at EPS, we agree with the Royal Mail – we don’t like stamps either. And neither should you. Stamps are costing you money – and depending on how many letters you send, it could be a considerable amount.

Sending stamped mail rather than franked costs 13p more per letter for first class. It may not sound like much. But even if you only send 100 letters per month, that’s over £150 wasted every year simply because you don’t have a franking machine.


So, stop letting money walk out the door. Say goodbye to stamps and hello to franking machines. We’ve got a wide range of franking machines and franking machine supplies for you to choose from – with lease options to suit every budget. Take a look around!


Sept 14th 2017


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