Royal Mail Price Increase

If you are currently using a franking machine you will be informed by the Royal Mail that their franking prices will increase on 27th March 2017.  The prices have not been confirmed yet but it is important that you prepare for this change in advance.  You will receive further correspondence confirming the exact prices in due course.


You should also receive a letter direct from your franking machine maintainer informing you if you need to order anything regarding the increase in prices.  You will find that on the most recent models supplied there is no need to order anything as the software will update by the customer carrying out a download on the franking machine.  It is still the customers responsibility to make sure the machine has carried out these changes. So before using it on the above date please check the increases are showing correctly for all services affected. If you post any mail incorrectly priced, the items may be subject to surcharges if underpaid.


If you are using an older model of franking machine and possibly using freestanding electronic postal scales with it, you will need to order the appropriate upgrade, again this can be done via your franking machine supplier on your behalf.


Please remember that if you are using a Royal Mail approved Mailmark compliant franking machine you will still be receiving a higher discount in postage prices and benefiting in the long term from this service.


If you have any questions regarding the Royal Mail increase in postage prices please either contact us direct or you can see further details on the Royal Mail website.


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February 9th, 2017

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