Royal Mail Confirms 2017 Pricing Structure

The Royal Mail have now confirmed the official prices for the changes taking effect 27th March 2017.  These changes will affect all those using standard Smart franking machines, Mailmark franking machines or if you are a stamp user.


It is the users responsibility to make sure their franking machine has the latest tariff updates.  If you do not do this your outgoing mail may be subject to a surcharge from the Royal Mail if it has been underpaid by the sender.


This is the perfect time to see the savings that can be made when using a Mailmark compliant franking machine.  For instance from 27th March 2017 if you were to put a 1st class stamp on a letter up to 100g it will cost you 65p.  If you were to frank the very same item using a Mailmark compliant franking machine it would cost you 55p, a huge saving of 10p per item.  You can imagine the savings if you are sending out a large quantity of post at this reduced price.


Please also remember the dimensions of your postage items.  The dimension as well as the weight will determine the cost of your item.  This is when under pricing can occur when something is sent under the incorrect category.  You have Letter up to 100g, Large Letter up to 750g, Small Parcel up to 2Kg and Medium Parcel up to 20Kg.


You can view the full pricing structure for 27th March 2017 on the Royal Mail website.  We would advise that you print out the Royal Mail charts and place them in your Postroom where everyone can view them.


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March 2nd, 2017

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